Books on our Local History

The History of Boat of Garten and the Surrounding Area

  • People of the Moor and Strath
  • People of the Clachans: a New Nation
  • People of Conviction, Rebellion and Enlightenment
  • People of the Railways and Village

The four books cover pre-historic through to contemporary times and are being continually updated as archaeological, documentary, photographic and oral accounts are added to our knowledge and understanding.

The Folklore of Strathspey:

Contains an extensive bibliography.

Ceardannan and The Horseman’s Word:

An account of a unique culture and people in North East Scotland.
Crofting and agriculture, in general, depended on this group of travelling people for gathering harvests, and especially for their skills with horses.

Clan Grant:

Three booklets introducing Clan Grant, the Chiefs of the Clan, the contribution the Grant family has made to Scotland, and for the first time bringing together records showing the Clan’s involvement in the 1745 Uprising and The Battle of Culloden.

Military History:

The history of militia and regular army units raised in Strathspey which have a long and distinguished record.

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