Ashley Fripp is certainly ‘young’, and he is ‘new’ to the stage in Boat of Garten Community Hall – but there ends the analogy!  Ashley is a young pianist who has performed in prestigious concert halls across Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Australia – that adds up to performances in all 5 continents!  In addition, he has won prizes in more than a dozen national and international competitions and has appeared on BBC television and radio as well as radio networks across Europe.  So, with that pedigree, he is by no means new to the classical music scene.

So how did this young musician come to the attention of Ann Napier, leader of The Osprey Music Society (TOMS) in Boat of Garten?  It happened in 2017, when Ann attended the St Magnus Festival in Orkney.  In Ann’s words, “This diminutive figure walked onto the stage, sat down at his grand piano and then proceeded to flood the auditorium with wonderful, powerful music”.  Ann’s first thoughts on hearing his performance was to question how she had not heard of him previously – and of course she recognised an opportunity to pounce and sign him up to perform in the strath.

Ashley Fripp has just recorded his first CD, which is identified as “essential listening” by the Sunday Times and which has been received with accolades from BBC Music, amongst which, “His Chopin breathes and dances” – and Chopin is one of the composers who will feature in Ashley’s performance in Boat of Garten on 16th September, together with music by Bach, Schumann and Prokofiev.  So, come and hear for yourself and enjoy this prestigious talent of the keyboard.  The concert starts at 7.30pm and information on tickets is available from Ann Napier, at or on 01479 831213.

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