Getting close to wildlife is amazingly stimulating and many people visit the Boat of Garten area or choose to live here just for its wildlife.    For most people wildlife watching usually takes place in the great outdoors, however, the Scottish weather being what it is, watching birds and mammals while exposed to the elements can be an uncomfortable experience.   That’s where the Strathspey Badger Hide comes in because once in a while it’s good to be able to watch wildlife from a warm and dry hide with comfortable chairs and a guide to tell you stories and help interpret what you see.

The Strathspey Badger hide is situated very close to an ancient badger sett so badgers are almost guaranteed to be see.   There are also various types of nest box within sight of the hide so owls, goldeneye ducks and small birds can be observed raising families in the breeding season.  The hide is just fifty metres from the River Spey so we sometimes see otters and ospreys hunting as well as watching a great variety of riverside birds going about their business.  Bats, brown hares and roe deer are very common and once in a while a fox or stoat or pine marten is seen patrolling the area.  It’s true to say that no two evenings are the same.

A family of badgers feeding outside the hide.

The hide is open from 1st March to 30th November each year.  For further details and to arrange a visit, go to Strathspey Badger Hides or telephone Allan and Heather Bantick on 01479 831 768.  We ask for a donation of £10 per adult visitor (accompanied children under 16 go free) every penny of which can be used for wildlife conservation because the hide is entirely run by unpaid volunteers.

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