First Blog from New Woodland Ranger

I hope you enjoy my first Blog as the Woodland Ranger for Boat of Garten as much as I’ve been enjoying your beautiful woodlands. I shall be posting once a week over the summer months with updates and great photos.

Like this one of Loch Vaa also known in gaelic as Loch a Bhtha which means” loch of the drowning”.

Loch Vaa

The heat that day brought out insects like these Large Red Damselflies which were busy “looping” or mating taking advantage of the short time they are above water.

“Looping” Large Red Damselflies

On the same warm day I found a moth called “The Miller” on a bracken stem drying itself after emerging from its chrysalis. These moths are common in birch woodlands but are well camouflaged against the silver birch bark.

“The Miller” Moth

I knew that a Caper hen was sitting on eggs when I found the “clocker” droppings, they are fatter and larger than normal Caper droppings due to “not going for a long time”! Confirmation on the 14th June of 4 healthy caper chicks already flying and about the size of a blackbird, this is great news. Its also an indication that the current “disturbance factors’ have been reasonbly low in the sensitive woodland areas.Keeping dogs under close control (on a lead) have no doubt contributed to this early success.

Capercaillie Droppings


Jays have been sighted in the Pine woodlands , a shy member of the crow family this bird is colourful and difficult to observe.


There is an abundance of wild flowers, this week I’ll introduce to you to the ones that are in flower and can easily be seen, the Chickwood Wintergreen,Dog Violet,Cowberry and the Bugle.



Dog Violet










Chickwood Wintergreen


I’ve also written an article in the latest BoG Standard.